Susan Lamb,
District 4


Contact: / 859-280-8241

Top 3 Priorities:

I am encouraged by and support Fayette County Public Schools 10-Point Safety Investment Plan. I have strongly suggested there be a serious level of transparency for the use of taxpayers dollars for this Plan and glad that Fayette County Public Schools is publishing a status tracker with timelines, budgets and measures of progress. I will work with Superintendent Caulk and school principals to ensure our schools remain safe.

Public Health
I believe opioids, alcohol/drug abuse and mental health problems are very prevalent issues. I fully support Mental Health Court which is an effective way to bring people up and out of addiction and mental health problems. We must continue identifying grant funding opportunities such as the recent $2 million over four years for the First Responders & Community Partners Overdose Prevention Project. We just completed an Opioids Misuse Resource and Needs Assessment so that will help us identify next steps also.

Public Safety
Drug addictions cause numerous public safety issues
including personal property break-ins and vehicle thefts. Neighborhood cut-through traffic is also a public safety issue when drivers are not obeying the speed limits and stop signs. We continue to educate neighbors about best practices to prevent vehicular break-ins and thefts. We encourage neighbors to report break-ins and thefts to the police so they can increase patrol as a deterrent. We request increased police patrol on neighborhood streets during peak hours for traffic safety and continue discussing traffic calming with our Div. of Traffic Engineering.

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