Kathy Plomin, District 12


Contact: kplomin@lexingtonky.gov /
(859) 280-8265

Top 3 Priorities:

Economic Development
Attracting jobs, especially from the tech industry
, to the area. The annual contract with Commerce Lexington leads this charge and they have done a good job for us. The recent acquisition of 250 acres within the Urban Service Boundary via a land swap with the University of Kentucky will also make a difference with our future economic development.

School safety and building a closer relationship between city government and the school system.
In light of the ongoing shootings in our country’s schools, we need proactive partnership to protect our children. Council recently had a presentation from Central Office that outlined the 13-million-dollar security plan that is being put in place. I support this effort, although I believe there should be more transparency in the school board decision making process.

Public Safety
I believe public safety is the number one priority for any city.
I have supported 62% of our annual budget on public safety. We have added 30 more police and will be adding a 4th police sector to assure that our public safety issues are proactively addressed.

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