Josh McCurn,
District 2

Josh McCurn.jpg

Contact: / (859) 280-8239

Top 3 Priorities:

Economic Development
As a small business owner, I understand what it would take for me to relocate and expand my business. I will work with local companies to help utilize the resources in place to grow their businesses and to highlight them in the district. I will do this by creating a business network that educates neighbors on the surrounding commerce to keep buinsess local. I will work to revitalize business parks that are already in place and work to provide new opporunities for growth.

I will work to find the location to build a high school, offering students the opportunity to recieve their education in the district and allowing for additional extra curricular activites instead of additional traveling. I will champion to bring back programs like DARE to our schools and for after school. Education is pivital for all and the key to a great city. The opportunities to learn and better our education is programs to keep our youth busy.

Public Safety
I believe that community based policing is important to not only the adults to know who their police officers are, but for children to see police in the community also. This also allows for the officers to understand the needs of the community and better ways that we can serve each other. I will work to ensure the safety of panhandlers through legislation that will provide a means for income away from traffic.

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