Jennifer Reynolds, District 11


Contact: / (859) 280-8248

Top 3 Priorities:

Development & Housing
Our residents want to maintain the balance and diversity that gives our community its character. As councilwoman, I will have tough conversations regarding development and work with code enforcement, managers, owners, and developers to raise the standard on the quality of housing in the district and discourage illegal activity. I will use my bridge building skills to navigate these discussions because making sure everyone has a safe place to live is important in creating a thriving community.

Welcoming immigrants into our community is important for a healthy Lexington. I believe the biggest issue is the fragmentation of people of different ethnicities. I want to bring people together to tackle common issues. Only when we can communicate with one another we can solve the complex issues of our community.

Public Safety
Lack of communication in our district is our biggest challenge.
I have been a part of conversations recently and plan to host more opportunities for open dialogue between officers and residents to bridge the communication gaps that currently exist so that we can work together to prevent and stop crime.

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